My Projects

Scamp: High Hat Havoc

After being seperated from his master wizard, Scamp must now come to his masters rescue in this 3D, Action Platformer!

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Time to hit it out of the park with this top-down, arcade style baseball game, all programmed in the 68000 assembly language!

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You were in a relationship with Isabella. BUT! She broke up with you to runaway with Rodrigo. So now, you must break them up to regain your true love in this short 3D, TellTale game, filled with Love, Drama, and Cactuses! Inspired from TV Spanish Soap opera's!

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About Me

I'm A Gamer To The Core

I'm always searching for the chance to play a game. Whether it's getting penta kills in League of Legends or building new settlements in Settlers of Catan, I'm all about enjoying these gameplay moments with friends, family, and even strangers. Games offer a chance to bridge the social gaps between people of all ages, and this is why I chose to pursue the game development industry. 

I'm A Student Of The Craft


I received my B.A in Software Engineering at Loyola University Chicago. I'm currently attending Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy pursuing a graduate degree in Game Development, specifically for Game Programming.

I'm An Entertainer At Heart

When not behind a computer, you can find me jamming out on my guitar or singing showtunes at karaoke. Being in theater for 12 years, I understand how important it is to continue living out the arts in everyday life. I believe that theater and game development are very similar to one another, and that my background in the arts helps visualize game development in a different light. 

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